Onsite document management has been the standard for a while, but cloud storage is quickly taking over. Cloud-based document management is good because it is easy and low in cost. However, there will always be some pros and cons to each option, so choosing the right one for your business is essential. In this article, we discuss considerations you should make before making your decision.

Cloud storage is a new way to store and save your documents. It will soon become the standard for medium or large companies. But it is also popular among small businesses because it has low cost and many benefits over onsite storage.

When deciding on the solution that best fits your company’s needs, there will always be some pros and cons to keep in mind. Below we discuss some considerations before you make your choice.


It might seem expensive when you consider that companies use cloud services from all over the world, but in reality, managing documents offline is far more costly. All that is needed to go with a cloud-based document management system is a computer and an internet connection- no travel expenses or time spent away from your business required!

Think about it this way, would you rather maintain and require a spot to store servers for your data or be able to get an unending amount of storage space without any cost or work? If you share servers with different geographical locations, the costs are reduced considerably.


The scalability of cloud-based storage is one benefit among many. You can easily switch from a server with lots of storage to one that has less by just making a phone call.

For example, with cloud-based storage, you only need to tell your service provider when you need more storage space. When the project is finished, the storage can be scaled down to normal size. In contrast, with onsite servers, at first, you must buy expensive hardware and then gather dust after the completion of a project.

Storage Size

Larger enterprises often rely on onsite storage because of the size of their databases and the security required to store/retrieve business data. In addition, these owners are concerned about how “controllable” documents will be via a cloud solution.

However, there will always be some pros and cons to each choice, so you must choose the correct option for your business. Here we discuss considerations before you make your decision.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud storage is when you use a cloud to store your documents. You can get them from anywhere, anytime you want. You might even be at home on your phone or laptop and be able to access the cloud then!

If you are on vacation and have an urgent assignment, you can log in to the cloud from your laptop or another device. You only need to have a computer or smartphone that has an internet connection, and then you can work wherever you want to.

With onsite IT infrastructure, it can be hard to work from home or access the system from a remote device. Cloud storage makes this easier and does not have these limitations.


Many people have different opinions about the security of data in the cloud. Some people say it is secure. Others say it is not. But there are many kinds of clouds, and some might be safer than others.

Cloud services have been around for a long time, and they are getting better. There is more security in them than before.

Cloud service providers keep your data safe. They use security that will stop any hacker from getting to your data. The data centers where they store your sensitive business information are very safe as well and have security under many layers.

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