You might be wondering what a content manager is. Well, let’s take the example of Cloud Solutions to illustrate this concept. Cloud solutions are designed with you in mind and provide all the tools you need to focus on your people rather than managing files. One such tool is Docupile, which automatically crawls through your network for files that match certain criteria and provide them in convenient packages for you to manage and share!

So, how do you find your files?

With post-Google, you can find items more efficiently than before.

Finding files and people is a tedious process. Why not have both take care of themselves so that you may snooze blissfully?

One of the most important concepts that have arisen in recent years related to information is library science, with one’s job being to organize knowledge into libraries.

It is important to maintain a system for managing files, such as building directories and organizing data.

Post-Google exploration, looking for information on the internet is how we find things. This makes understanding how the internet works much easier and gradually allows us to map what’s on it.

The illusion of equipping oneself with an exhaustive list of all the information possible is a fool’s errand. What we do know for sure, and can rely on, are intranets and search engines, which help us find traces of what was buried in the first place.

One of the reasons we prefer the Google search engine is that it always helps us find what we need.

In this day and age, our search doesn’t find things. And that is exactly the problem we help our clients resolve!.

What can you do?

You can improve your navigation and search, but you should also improve discipline for filing.

Improve Navigation

Companies can tell their people where to put things when they’re not using them. For a majority of companies, the skills offered by a library scientist are unnecessary.

A modern intranet platform will already come with a framework that should be easy enough to adapt to your needs.

Improve Search

Intranet search is often underwhelming and needs a lot of improvement. In today’s world, finding things is more than making them. Each new invention by man has led to another one, and there aren’t many places left for the file system to hide:

Black Boxes

With these hardware devices, you can search and index the contents of your file server.

Cloud Scanning Solution

  • Intranets and the internet exist to help you find things.
  • Scalability
  • Business continuity
  • Collaboration efficiency
  • The flexibility of work practices
  • Access to automatic updates

Packaged Software

Software such as IBM’s Watson Explorer can be used to find files, information, and people.

Promote Good Habits

If you have all your files on the same internet stage, then it is easy to find them and know where they are. Finding content is the essential function of an intranet and one that it should not be failing in.

Finally, archive all files you’re no longer using! Create a new folder for next year so you can put things inside it. Plan and drag all files from the “Completed Work” to your plan.

First, do not pass files through email, as this can cause the file to be misplaced. Tired from keeping up with all of the projects on your plate can feel impossible, and you will never be able to get everyone on board. Spend more time in a shared workspace environment that is available on your intranet.

Fourth, always look for opportunities to improve your system. Our clients like to review what employees are searching for occasionally. It provides them an idea of what people think they need to do their jobs well.

If you recognize this to be a reoccurring problem, then reorganize your workspace so that people spend less time on the search.

It’s rewarding for your employees to focus on small challenges. In turn, they enjoy greater employee engagement.

If you can’t find your work files, contact the Docupile software team, and they will be happy to help. They will definitely assist in finding those.

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