Every enterprise has a lot of paperwork that needs to be sorted and stored in the right place. It’s not just paper documents anymore, though; many businesses use digital systems to manage their paperwork as well. A document management system is an important part of any business’s infrastructure, but there are some challenges faced by every DMS today that make it difficult for them to become a complete DMS Solution for all your document storage needs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss those challenges so you can find out if Docupile will work for your company!


Data theft is a major threat that can lead to the downfall of both the financial system and the reputation of a company. As regulatory compliance becomes tighter, security should remain an essential issue that organizations must focus on. Some Document management systems are missing essential security and compliance, limiting their ability to survive a malicious attack.

Ensure all DMS providers offer a service level agreement with security. Not having this capability can be an issue with audits. “There are other challenges to address, or each employee has a separate login in order to protect the files internally and externally.” Few DMS offer logs, which may be used to detect malicious activity from the company’s workforce.


Generally seen in research, employees use whichever method they deem most appropriate to save a document on their DMS. Storage of documents becomes an issue later on once a company has loads and loads to deal with. A DMS cannot operate without consistency, so it becomes impossible for the system to run at full efficiency when documents are not continually filed, indexed, and organized. The issue of paperwork wastes time in the workplace.

Before implementing a new document management system, employees must be trained on how to use it. All features and workflows should also be explained in detail. Developers should be following one particular workflow for various activities. This will ensure that the DMS remains consistent in usage over time and users can achieve their goals. Take feedback into consideration, and focus on personalizing the DMS to make it more optimal with continuous use.


One of the challenges faced by every document management system is integration with in-house applications like ERP. Challenges with document management systems include integration capabilities. For example, the emailing service should be integratable with DMS.

Though many DMS providers cannot be integrated with all internal applications, They have the ability to provide a breadth of services. This can significantly improve productivity and efficiency.


Installing a Document Management System across the entire organization is not the end of DMS services. Every system has challenges, and one of the most important is making sure everyone on staff uses it.

Ensure that users are able to carry out the basic tasks of document management in a smooth and easy manner. Organize seminars, group discussions, and Q&A sessions for employees about new DMS implementation. Once you’ve explained the system’s benefits, they will be more willing to take it on.

Document Management systems have become more diverse in the past few years with respect to each company’s requirements. There are a number of challenges to be addressed before selecting the right service solution for your needs. Docupile, which is secure and robust, can make your business a step ahead of competitors. We have created this video about Docupile that will answer all questions you might have – Request for a Docupile Demo.

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