Many construction companies focus on construction management without considering document management. But, the construction industry is quickly adopting software to manage their documents. Document management platforms have many benefits for construction businesses, including improved productivity and fewer errors in the design phase. Learn more about five reasons you should use document software in your construction business!

Why is it necessary to have a Document Management System for Construction?

Anyone who gets into the construction business loves to build and create extraordinary architecture. When it comes to layouts, builders will want a chance to drive their grandkids around town, showing them the buildings they have been responsible for constructing. While drafting pitches is inevitable, so are mistakes that can lead to costly errors in marked-up architectural plans.

Though the business is focused on construction, document management is an unavoidable component. Maybe it has negative connotations – but for a company, it is critical.

Making a mistake in architectural plans for any one project can lead to very costly mistakes. This means being organized and efficient with your document organization is critical when running a successful construction business.

Here are five ways document management can help the construction business:

1. Working on the wrong plan’s costs

The architects in a construction company design every stage of the project to be precise. One mistake in designing and documenting the architecture can lead to costly mistakes, as it is an unavoidably important part of this business.

The number of construction drawings per project can change from 100 to 1000, depending on the size of the project. It is difficult to estimate how many revisions are required to drawings at various stages of the project.

In the olden days, documents were stored in a giant stack in the job trailer, and every morning, everyone had to make sure they had the latest versions.

The digitization of the construction industry has simplified paper management and facilitated access for stakeholders. But, someone needs to upload any changes made so that those in charge will have a central repository from which they can quickly retrieve information should it be required.

Despite being a known fact that not all construction projects go as planned, it is possible to stay in line with documents using specialized software. This can be provided with mobile devices, laptops, and tabs. The system ensures that your team has the latest update work. There is no headache with document management.


2. Tracking markups is a critical pain

There are many file formats for construction documentation; this leaves room for several mistakes. Field notes should be uploaded and added to the appropriate files for the field staff to sync up with what is happening in the office.

New versions of the document need to be uploaded to maintain upgrades and repairs. New software can help get markups up quicker, making it possible for everyone on the team to use those changes correctly.

Use a construction document management software like Docupile, and get it right the first time. Markups can be done with help from an iPad or mouse in different shapes: freehand text and arrows.


3. New day, new issues

There will always be the occasional issue in construction, whether something unexpected or a mistake that can mean time and money lost. Regardless, these issues are part of the package and how the structure operates.

When ownership changes hands, issues were created manually and delivered to the responsible person for the job. These issues were communicated to both the owner and contractor.

55% of claims in construction are due to inaccurate documentation. Cloud-based construction reduces the need for tedious, laborious processes by providing an easy method of logging potential problems before they’ve occurred.


4. Photos, so many images

The speed of technological development has dramatically changed the world of construction. With new and innovative technologies comes a need to manage files faster, smarter and in a better way than ever before.

A tool like Docupile makes capturing images in the field easier with communication and helps you plan for better images.

Finding the right image can sometimes takes a lot of time.


5. The client wants visibility

A construction business owner needs to be invested in their project from the ground up. They need to know what exactly it will look like before work begins and have full access to the plans, models, files, and reports throughout development.

Construction electronic document Management System tools, in 2D and 3D models, can be made available to stakeholders and owners.



You have reached a stage in the construction business because you are smart and capable. You & the right team together can build the right materials. With the latest technology, you saved time & resources to manage your files, and now you are back to what’s best about your business – building architecture!

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