We all know the New Year’s effect. It is the time when we remove our gym passes; our grocery baskets become more green and hot yoga appears more of the times in your credit card statements. Though you may be uncomfortable at first as all habits may take little time to become a part of your nature.

You need to overcome the initial resistance and you will see rewards reaping over time.  This theory is also applicable when it comes to utilizing document management software. Forming a habit of digitizing your business is like living a healthy life. Go paperless as it has many advantages.

For one it is a fantastic way to clear mental and physical clutter. It is a way to be better organized and have the right information at the right time. With the installation of the right document management software, your paper documents are scanned.

You can access them anytime, anyplace and from any device. With this device, you can transform your paper documents into digital files and also ensure that they are quickly sorted and searched.

The next step would be:

Now that you have scanned essential documents you can prevent it from data loss, experts recommend a backup. This means you take a two-fold approach to your file management.

Upload your documents to the cloud. The cloud can be of your choices like Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive. You also need a good scanner like ScanSnap and document management software like Docupile, Neat. These options can turn your documents in searchable PDF’s, editable Word or Excel docs or jpegs.

These are searchable PDF’s that work as they sound. They make your scanned papers searchable. Which means you can search them for precisely the information you are looking for. Therefore, you can find a crucial document much more comfortable.

The second step would be creating a backup on a physical external hard drive. You can store this in any safe premises. Depending on nature your data this can just be left at a trusted friends house or save it somewhere secure like safe deposit box at a bank.

The best way is to update this backup on a quarterly basis. Set a calendar reminder. This approach can assure you that the data is safely backed up and accessible whenever needed.

This sounds easier but, when you see stacks and stacks of documents or paper at home or workplace. Like any worthy project, you need to take the efforts to start with it. We would suggest you divide this project into smaller and manageable portions. So instead of going through marathons of continuous scanning, set your goals towards digitization.


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